Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Snapshot of the Past

This last weekend I was at my grandma's house. My grandma recently had an important visitor come: that is, her pen pal from France. How Grandma came by this pen pal is another story (that perhaps I could share another time). One of the gifts that the pen pal brought with her was a copy of the Match magazine from 1940, the year Gradma was born. The featured article for the magazine issue was a piece on Vivien Leigh and the premiere of Gone With the Wind. However, there were several pages of the issue covering the current events of the period, namely the Second World War. I thought some of my readers might find this interesting.

On the right in the above photo is the Match issue from 1940. On the left is a Match issue from a month or so ago, covering the terrorist attack in Nice. I'll let this speak for itself.

A full-page article of war news in the 1940 issue of Match.

So this was an interesting section of the magazine. It showed a diagram of a tank.

Here's a close-up of the tank on the right page.

On the left page, we have a shot-by-shot series of photos of a tank bursting through a brick wall.

Now here's a part I thought was cool: a two-page feature on the women of the British armed services.

It's funny because there was a woman in Grandma's ward about six years ago who was part of the British military during the war and I actually got to meet her once.

If you can read French, feel free to zoom in on these photos and see if you can translate. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

14 Reasons Salt Lake Comic Con Needs Sebastian Stan to Come Back

Salt Lake Comic Con is less than a month away and right now they're making their big guest announcements. I and dozens of other fangirls have made this request repeatedly, but I feel like a blog post would be an appropriate way to drive the point home:



Besides intense fangirl longing, there are plenty of legitimate reasons this needs to happen:

1. Last time he was here he broke the internet

Seb and all of his other Captain America costars were amazing at Salt Lake Comic Con. They are the reason that Salt Lake Comic Con is now on the map. The gifsets are still going around Tumblr. Yes, bring back any of the others if you can, but Seb especially.

Also, he never looked better a day in his life than the one day we had him, I mean:


2. He was one of the nicest, sweetest guest celebs we've had and everyone loved him

3. He enjoyed teasing us

Tumblr screenshot

4. He is our spirit animal


5. He is also a cat (not that it's relevant to anything--he gets compared to a puppy, more often than not, but I prefer cats)

Twitter screenshot

6. His panel was literally the best--lots of people got to ask questions, and most got decent answers


He really does well interacting with the fans in that setting as well as in meet-and-greets. You couldn't ask for better, could you?

7. In short, he is the guest alumni that Salt Lake Comic Con fans want back the most


8. Civil War is out and of course and now we don't have to worry about spoilers

9. But, speaking of spoilers, the mid-credit scene in Civil War left us like this:

We've got to make up for it SOMEHOW!!!!

10. Bucky is our fave

Is this just a Salt Lake thing? No, it's a pandemic. But in Utah especially.

11. And now Mark Hamill is coming on Thursday and we know all about their weird family resemblance

Sebastian Stan source/Tumblr

Sebastian Stan source/Tumblr

Why not have another reunion? I'm just saying.

12. Because local Winter Soldier cosplayers want approval from the man

personal photo

(not that I don't think Seb would give it to you in a heartbeat, bro!)

13. Because the fangirls who already met him want another round

14. And the ones who didn't deserve to meet this BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF HUMANITY
Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook



Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Lizy Reviews: Kung Fu Panda 3

I finally got around to seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday, and I have a few things I would like to say about it. Kung Fu Panda 3 isn’t an altogether terrible movie. It still does not compare well to either of the first two installments, but there are still surprisingly good moments.

In the Spirit Realm, Kai, the old rival of Master Oogway, has taken the chi or spirit energy of the great Kung Fu masters who have passed on. He returns to the mortal world to continue to take chi from the kung fu heroes who are still living. At the same time, Po is being promoted to a teacher over the Furious Five, but there isn’t really much he can teach them. At the same time, his birth father Li Shan has arrived. In face of the threat from Kai, Li offers to take Po to a secret panda village in the mountains to study the power of chi.


It seems like Po’s journey across the three films is just a never-ending identity crisis and you wonder why it wasn’t resolved with the first one, but with each installment you learn something new and fascinating so it’s palatable. In Kung Fu Panda 3, chi is what makes an individual special: you don’t need to be something you are not, but you need to embrace your true potential. In the film they call it “you becoming more you.” There are a lot of ways this can be interpreted, but it came across to me as embracing your Divine nature and potential as a child of God.

Po learns, furthermore, that a true teacher teaches other people to use and strengthen their own talents and use them to a greater purpose. The pandas at the panda village have a lot of recreational talents and hobbies like slingshot hammocks and knee-kicks and rolling down hills. Po comes to the panda village to embrace his inner panda but finds out that kung fu is his strength. But as a teacher, he puts the strengths of the other pandas to use to mount a defense of the village, and it’s very satisfying to watch. And this aids each of his friends, including his adoptive goose father, to use their chi to aid Po in his fight against Kai.


Compared to the first two Kung Fu Panda movies, this one doesn’t do as well balancing the battle sequences with the corny humor. The animation relies a lot on montages and spliced screens to tell the story, and the first half of the movie is especially choppy. A lot of the moments that should have been serious in the first half were ruined with Po’s rude behavior. Kai’s jade zombies or “jombies” was actually a good gag for this film. Some of the fight sequences were either too over-the-top or fell flat.
But like I said earlier, it was all building up to a point, so there was a little bit of a payoff. Po’s first battle with Kai was actually pretty good. But Po talking to his birth father about his mother was appropriately serious, and then the part where Po gets mad at Li and goes to vent his anger on a homemade dummy gave his character some pathos. The journeys back and forth from the spirit world reminded me of some mythology I have studied from various cultures, but I am not familiar with Chinese legends so I couldn’t tell you how much this film was pulling from that.


We did get to see a bit of a conflict between Po’s two dads but after they made up I think their being on better terms was overdone. I could go so far as to say that Po having two dads was a subtle activist plug, but it wasn’t really that subtle.

I really don’t know how the studio could justify further installments of the Kung Fu Panda series. There is an opening for Po to have a possible love interest with the ribbon-dancing panda Mei Mei, and I would be okay with that since she actually seems kind of cool.

My real takeaway from this movie: I want to do a Tigress cosplay.