Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, in Verse

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Forty years ago, upon this day
We journeyed to a galaxy far away
With soaring spaceships, deadly blaster fire,
With laser swords and feisty maidens’ ire.
We learned of Jawas, droids, creatures bizzare,
Heard Modal Notes serenading at a bar,
A villain with a cold and heavy breath.
A space station with a giant gun of death.
Forty years of Kenobi, Tarkin, TIES
Chasing a Falcon that hardly even flies,
X-wings, wookies, and to light our course
Forty years of guidance by the Force.
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Disney Examiner
Forty years ago, on this day--
Who could have imagined what this would put in play--
Seven more movies, and one more coming soon
(at the pace of a sandcrawler coming up a dune),
TV shows, books, comics, games and toys,
Things for grown-ups, things for girls and boys,
Queens and Emperors, padawans and Sith,
Bounty hunters, clones--such depth and breadth!
Stormtroopers, scoundrels, ewoks, ladies, knights--
A fairy tale complete with saber fights!
Mandos, machines the like our world’s not known,
Pilots and the vessels they have flown.
Collectibles, cosplays, cons, and parody--
Almost everything in this theme you’d wish to see.

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But in the midst of revels we’ve seen grief
And it seems from our own contentions there’s no relief--
We have our different tastes, our petty feuds,
And over his preference each fanboy broods.
Here I’d give a word unto the wise:
No matter what the makers may devise,
No need for hate over opinions differing,
Civil expression and respect, unity will bring.
Each of us hears differently the Force’s calls,
But the Force itself is greater than our walls.
The vastness of this galaxy does prove
That everyone can find here something to love.
After this life, the crude matter remains,
But the things we’ve learned and loved shall be our gains.

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Celebrate, on this day, then, what we share,
The fandom that all these blessings did bear,
The times we still believe, but dream and mope,
The coming days that give to us new hope;
The Force that shaped our lives and set us free,
That built friendships and strengthened family;
Memories we’ve made and times we’ve shared
With other fans, the labors that we’ve spared.
How vast, how strange this universe has grown!
How simply it began! How time has flown.
Our dream is that this power will stay strong
And to future generations pass along.
May this fandom to all Earthlings be a space
Where light and joy can shine on every face.
To every ‘Star Wars’ fan, both great and small
I say, May the Force be With Us, one and all!
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